Wande Abimbola. Un hombre, Un Sacerdote, Un Legado...

Entrevista realizada al Prof. Wande Abimbola por el Babalawo Ricardo Ochoa Irizarri y su equipo de SOYYORUBATV. Derechos Reservados. 2017. México.

I regret it every time

EmEm Vlogs

How did you keep it a secret you told 1.I people

Jason Reza

2:31 my family


Love your videos man you must put in a lot of time :)


make more if you find any more that hasn't been posted 2456547 times in the 12 Adult Jokes in Your Favorite Cartoon type of videos... i swear you turn everything into art i'd watch for hours

D. Boyd11

12:30 Ty has his watch on, 12:33 he doesn’t


Longest Uber ride ever

Historys Glare

How would you remember. If you were 3

AK A73

The best easter egg of all, THE EASTER EGG

Brian Conway

We didn’t

Daniel Borrelli

When they did the shooting thing it was from the kanana

Heather Keener

Coby will win a second battle

Yanny Zanchez


Tyler Ladia

C’mn gimme some likes!

Zee Squad!

Poor Argentina.

AJ Mesama AJ

The principal is horrible.


So you made a app where you justed other peoples idiees😂 (i dont mean this like hate it is just somting what came to my mind💞)

Emma Clemons

your next stereotype should be birthday party's.

Rainbow Rabbit

who is watching this in 2019 ?

Kyle Brock

Isn't Donnie Doolittle's gold plated toilet on the other side of that wall? Oh well...

I don't do it, but my mom does it everyday

Frankie VG

3:20 In this shot Coby's shirt is vivid Green. 3:23 In this shot Coby's shirt is a faded Green.????????

Jake Coughlan

Congrats Coby #1 win ever yay!!!!



Bobble Head



I know what to do next, just buy new couch

If you wish to see a film

Big Nigga


Jabez Hodges

its paul

Aubree Lassiter


Master- OOF

HMMMM it's just like a 3D movie YOU THINK YOU ARE IN IT

Elizabeth Taylor

2018 anyone


ahh...thanks for all the evidence you provided with thatdo you really think they would go through all that to fake it? it probably took less time to do it for real

William McLemore

Sorry to say that even thou both are good restaurants, for steaks Sonny Looks could not be beat.

The teacher So my tip with you guys is do not tell your parents first just let them see how you really feel not just one day but everyday until you feel better.


It looks pretty generic and dull to be honest, like a game seen hundred of times before, with minimum creativity. Can't say the graphics looks great either.

ChompAa cHompert

do a golf cart race

Chroniic i

I love guru

Te amo y no quiero vivir en la soledad (Oh oh, oh oh)

Mariah ASMR

Emma: I forgot Maryland existed 👟Es un año Aver 👟

Pohi Ako

I love dude perfect hoooooo your da best guys

Ian Landrum

I've been there

sheila crawford

Hi Tati, where can I find those brushes?

Scruptive TV

Ha ha ha ha Daaaaaa hahahha peasant begs haha begs absolutely begs for views and acts acts acts so so cried as if as if as if he send noods

Benita Woxlagd

Team ty

Profesionel Viewer


Shirley Lockey

You should use the jelly realistic human dummy's as targets