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Hinduism is the most Ancient religion in the world. It is also known as "Sanatan Dharma", which means the eternal right path.It is more than a religion; it is a way of life. It is not a man made religion, founded or created by any prophet. It has no origin and no end. It is a religion of freedom and, unlike most other religions it allows absolute freedom of one's faith and mode of worship. Indeed, it is the only religion in the world, which respects the right of people to realize the Almighty by their own free will.The History of Hinduism has proved that it is a living force. Both hostile rulers and Foreign brutal religious aggressors could not banish it because it is a religion of Scholars and Warriors with self-experience and self-realization. It isnot based on any dogmas or set of rules to be accepted with blind faith which is why atheism is also accepted in it. Yet, Hinduism has a very close understanding of and relationship with the Almighty God.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Excellent Links to Understand INDIA and its Survival:1. Hindu Survival and Buddhist Disappearance during Islamic Conquest:HINDUISM: A Polytheism Religion:Europe's True Pagan Identity and its History:Horrific World Christian Council's Plan to BREAK INDIA from Within:page of "HINDU Human Rights"page of "INDIA Against Congress" :of Two Books : 1). Breaking INDIA and 2). Being Different.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tags:Narendra Modi Gujarat Godhra 2002 Riots Hindus Pagan Polytheism NDTV Anna Hazare Jan Lok Pal Bill IAC arvind kejriwal Dr Subramanian Swamy RSS Hindu Nationalism Congress Secularism Untouchability Caste System in Hinduism Satyamev Jayate Aamir Amir Khan Bollywood Shahrukh Khan Salman Khan Akshay Kumar Zakir Naik

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Will the "haves" of the future simply donate the products and services generated by their robots to the "have-nots"?  Will the "have-not" majority simply take from the "haves"?  I hope that this can be done ethically. Presently we are at a loss of statesmen to lead the way, we are unfortunately more likely to blunder, squabble, and fight our way to the end result.

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