The Top 20 Very Worst Christian Sermons of all time!

I offer this video under terms of the United States Fair Use Act of 1976, subsection 107, for educational purposes.The Top 20 Worst Christian Sermons are preached by:1. Randy Demain2. Webster Tapley (The Co-Prophet of the End Times)3. Emmanuel Makendiwda4. Kenneth Copeland5. Robert Morris6. T. D. Jakes7. Todd Bentley8. Jim Staley9. Benny Hinn10.Gregory N. Barkman11.Jack Schaap12.Lesego Daniel13.Eddie Long14.Morris Cerullo15.Unknown Pastor's Sermon illustration16.Robert Tilton17.Jim Standridge18.Perry Noble19.Leandria Johnson20.Larry Brown.............................This video has been remade as the Top 60 Craziest Preacher, with far crazier clips, such as a pastor driving his car over congregants, Christians eating the tips of the tails of live rats, a priest who hits each little child lining up for a blessing, and Pope Francis picking his nose and then eating his booger:is the link to another video; The Top 10 Craziest sermons by Black Preachers and see (this is for real) congregants eatingants, rat's tails, grass and petrol. One of the most amazing healings ever seen is the healing of a man's (tiny) penis!Here is the link to my other video: The Top 20 most evil white preachers:am equally insulting to all races.............................................................Here is a link to a shocking confrontation between myself and Matt Rolfe of the Operation 513 Street Evangelism Cult. I confront him on the street, on camera about his sexual misconduct and the numerous false doctrines with his street evangelism group:

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8:55 Ned: Your not gonna have to shave your eyebrows. Cancer: I'm about to ruin this women's career thats what my mom did.

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“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – Rafiki, from The Lion King

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