The Old Rugged Cross-Johnny & June Carter Cash.wmv

You Just Can'tBeat The Fact...Jesus Paid it All...

Ju Hä

It’s hilarious how he’s saying Herzogenaurach, that was not German 😂😂

M. NewYork

I blame the husband more,because most of the time he lies that he is single or creating stories about his wife that she is not normal and having mental illness but for his children sake he could divorce her 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥


still rockin the Manic Bloom =D

bush baby

...really graceful...

Edrich Gaming

Who felt like crying while watching the video?

goores hitms

is Tyler winer I'm czeko republic


they should have let cod die after 4

Opal’s Fantasy World

Math teacher: There is a solution to every problem..

Andrei Chesnoiu

jesus the doom easter egg is amazing. The spectogram one, I mean

Carlos Eduardo Vieira

The Cel shading of the pokémons are amazing but the everything else looks like garbage! Gamefreak should try to optimize their graphics, i know Nintendo consoles are super weak in hardware like when pokémon X and Y was released people were saying that the game was more powerful than the 3ds! The 3ds was frying when trying to run pokémon X and Y with lots of limitation on the 3d and serrated.


Свят Апк

Подпишисьн а мой канал Свят Апк

Shaun Cavanaugh

25 bounces


Please do shooting battle with balloon or like a pubg . like if u really want this . 😓😓😓😎😎😓


1400 soldiers on MB and they bake one cake... Send the cook to the brig!

blue_skiezz 2007



The over lighter is my neighborhood no joke


Bruh, that Oneida Osprey bow tho! Nice!


No Darkest Dungeon mention. Sad!

Izzy Woods

When the ad is almost as entertaining as the video


poor Cory


Jenny Osiris Carter


gunners KW

29:10 is the greatest thing ever. I couldn’t stop laughing it really caught me by surprise


e e

Remember that time when Chris brown beat up Rihanna?


G l a s s

Um Gamer Orgulhoso

Meu amor, minha vida! Pirua! Meu deus! Meu nenê é o Curupira

Phantom_ REFLEX

I dig the fact that ur still using the same “dude perfect” audio clip