See for details of this powerful prayer devotion. Can be viewed on EWTN daily. St. Michael the Archangel is the Defender of the Kingdom of God.

Andrew Pryor

That Thunderball one with Fiona Volpe was classic!

Crystal Sword 500

Yeah I’m not going skydiving yep never

Jim Bob

this story makes me happy I'm so glad you helped her X

Egg :3

My boyfriend buys this weird little bottled lemonade everyday and gives me the empty bottle so I keep it, write the date he gave me it in, and take it home and we call them our sons. We have 45 sons


Awesome !!! Amazing

Venus Lien

3:00 .... I'm so lost...

Chamberlee Burkes

I got 189 y’all’s balls


I like the way he says "100 Likes" and then he got 1000 likes! Me:.........

Craig Law

yep PS5 IN 2022 confirmed


This is horrible i wish this happens to noone its so sad the dad is working so hard i really hope we can find a way in the futur to cure paralysation this is truly a tragedy

Mallory Keyte


v vanjijo

Im sure it hurts so much getting out of a vagina to be born... it may be hurtful as dying :) you'll forget both how it feels and move on....

Blake Kaissis

2019 anyone

BaBy Sayz

This is why I wear one pieces.

mike peugeot

I'm Autistic and I have meltdowns all the time

jess alana

Omg Marble 😭😍 the cutest boy!

Krone Amusten

U guys should play the game for one of ure episodes

Timothy Terry

Fancy Round One

Im dead.

Fortnite gaming Kids

Cody fred

CyberNonymous G

If he's rich then why wouldn't he buy me the best gaming pc and the best gaming setup?😭

Juliana Krauss


oh wait it is