Tarotmästare gör bort sig i Insider - Sturmark får behålla sina pengar

Den väletablerade tarotmästaren Ylva Trollstierna misslyckas totalt med ett enkelt test av sina påstådda förmågor. Sturmark får behålla sina 100.000 kronor.Hennes hemsida: har försökt å fixa ljudet från det förra klippet. Det är lite "delay " fortfarande, men ändå väldigt mycket bättre än det andra klippet. Enjoy! Du kan också följa humanisternas blogg på Christer Sturmarks blogg på eller besöka humanisternas hemsida på

Digital Waffles

They should make a video of them actually playing pickup basketball, who's with me here 😂🏀


Best, Outro, Ever!




PC Version <3 you can get mods


sachagirl91 A

I guess Elsa is angry at the ocean for allegedly killing her parents and she is now seeking for revenge. Yeah Elsa is a tough gurl.

Keelynd Ross

Dak Prescott

Also also, what if this is what the sealing magic does? like what we are looking at is Ganondorf sealed, and maybe resisting the seal.

Thaispino Animations

Why you little-



Misbah Naeem

dude perfect please do more nerf blasters editionbecause i am a fan of nerf


so you're telling me i'm fat!? *triggered


If I have kids--and that's a big if--I want all the drugs. Epidurals, Demerol, whatever you got, I don't want to feel a thing.

IND • Queen

"Oh that make me sad dude"😦😩😖

night shadow

:O senpai voice again :D


What You eguiped 3 Scope?


That grammar nazi one hit hard, I always 'lay" D:


weird flex but ok

Pastel Sprinkles


Chris Young

black mirror vibes anyone????


Elsa von Dyke?

shahzeb shahab

The best yet!

jaimie deziel

I hate this person.

Maheswaraa Enterprises

New race Fill the bucket with water and whowill fell down the bucket they will win


Really well put together video. No loud crazy sound effects, nicely laid out... great vid.


3:30 thats me and my friend, but he actually stays up to listen or in the case read

Dan Satlow

snow ball fighting battle would be awesome!

Faze_gamer 193

Session 6 ? Fortnite

Emmanuel Garcia

I kinda fangirled when I heard the battlefield friends voices:)

Syd_ Dino

Remember when Cory had eyebrows

I mean just look at them now, "RAWWWGHHHHH" and shit

Guppies 727

Oh. Hell. Yassss!! 👏🏻 this is 🔥🔥 I’m writing my list of items I’m getting on launch but don’t have the price for the makeup bags? The small neon green is the one mama really wants! 😌 Please update with the prices so I can be ready lol. Can’t wait to buy these beauties to add to my collection!!! 😍

Masna Razi

Just imagine if those targets would had missed in start bowls would had struck there bowls 😂

poopi doopi

I don't have OCD but i hate when people leave the scissors open like this

Junior Robinson

Nips death still hits. As a fan I appreciate this song and feel for nips close family and friends. TMC


Oh my gosh, this reminds me of the hospital I was in! From the age of 7-11 I had been bullied in school, and online. I guess one day I got tired of it, and I started self harming, cutting my legs and thighs, and after a month of cutting, my mom had found out. She sent me to a mental hospital, I was there for a week, which felt like an eternity. The hospital I had gone to is very similar to the one you went to, no psychotic people, but people going through depression and not knowing how to deal with it. After I got out of the hospital the first time, 3 months later I was sent back because of homocidal and suicidal thoughts. I can gladly say that I am almost one year clean of any self harming. 💖💝💖

And does things the special ways that most YouTubers can’t produce, that’s why we need Kurzgesagt.

And seeing Easter eggs I've never seen before.

Benjamin Raymundo-Ramirez

Panda Face Reveal For 10 million likes.?

Hocine Fekir

Damnnn bro


Shyla wants a girl so bad, I’m 100% positive it’s a boy lol remember me