Smoke Dawg - Trap House (Official Video)

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Not Natsu

Im like, 90% sure that the creepy guy with the pickle is an inside joke.


Juice did 11/9


Some of this HAS to be staged. I mean catching a golf ball on the ocean with a small net while the waves are bouncing you around?Seems staged or at least edited

Andrew Wilson

Iv been to r hat exact jump street. So cool.

Beth Halpain

this video is my favorite

Lulu Del Moral

Anna: listen Kristoff i have feelings for herKristof: ok i want to see

Parker Krek

Russell wilson if you do not like cops and I have your jersey plz like cops


You are the best YouTuber that does great,awesome,and funny vids on easter eggs keep up the good work man your doing great!

I'm not afraid to tell people that..


the win count's for coby to my.

It's a commonly held belief that Mew (and by extension Mewtwo), have within their genetic structures the DNA of all Pokemon (that's a bit of madness that really makes things interesting). If that is the case, a Ditto with access to Mewtwo's DNA (or has all that DNA inside it due to R) would have the ability to transform into any Pokemon.


At 23:22 Guru be like: "Will you shut the hell up lady, and just watch the goddamn movie." lol


Wow that was really great would love to see more if anyone knows/seen any.


Story board: Jesus Duke

Kristi Bullock

Why des Tyler get to do all the cool stuff?

Karl-Martin Klooster

Rolling Stones as an easter egg. EPIC

Ayden geist

Hey DP, Was there ever a golf club in your intro?

10:30 = me when im finished

Widow Maker

Any1 else noticed the kids glove in the roller champions trailer said "roller league".. probably original title and Psyonix was like, uh no

The Gr8est Lazar/lazer

I wish they still made these

Neko Kun


jake Edwards


João Victor Souza

What this song ??

Stefan Veljovic

So Thanos is Elsa's dad?

Drew Jones

This looks ridiculously good.


0:44 Panda creates naenae?

Connor Shockley

You should do a first try trick shot video

Miyyah White

I wished I meant you I would’ve been your friend 😊☺️

Camping stereotypes

roc villanueva andres

Like trap comentario regEton


My dad Had an experience like #3, He swam in the low-tide then ended up in a area where you shouldn't be, He's said it was so dark, he couldn't see anything. :c

Master gaming😎

Why did you hit him

Saeed Ahmed

Love you guys elle and alia are adorable

Kenneth Gutierrez

I like you games dude perfect

zack ellis

Im sorry to disappoint you fruit fuck, but I dont waste my own life making sad yet pathetic videos for YouTube. I actually am outside enjoying life to the fullest while you sit there making sweet love to your keyboard.The sad part is that you have only 100 channel views, where as I havnt even made one video and I have over 1000.