Sam Harris demolishes Christianity

Sam Harris decimates the arguments of Divine Command Theory and Christian doctrine based upon it.


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Haydog McDrizzle

USS Callister was great

Erin Jacob

Thank you bus driver

Angel Meza

What the name of the shirt skies is wearing?

Lacey Peelman


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Gamer4eto BG

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I created Gucci

Nebulous 12

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Randall Scott

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Dose anyone else hate Bryan

Isabella Disanto

The chainsaw v basketball reminds me of when one of my friends kicked a kickball so hard that it popped

Me: “I’ll where whatever I find first in my little closet”

Jack Harpole

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Aishath Naura

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Fish Chips

snake what took u so long?


There r three bo3 manikin eastereggs one if you shoot off all the heads two if you shoot off all the body parts instead of just the arms you will still get weeping angels it's just a lot more of them will spawn and when you kill them their bodies will freeze in the position that they died, but if you shoot off all the arms you will get weeping angels that's it



Charlie Brownlee

In all seriousness, you are probably one of the best video editors on this whole site.

Julien Lewis

Did anyone notice a twin in the back of the car in the girl jams stereotype

Flywings Services

my highest score is 40

Sliced Bread


Zachary Zachary carierre


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nr. 7 is definitely SCP-087

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