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Miliguino Yakushi


Piti 369

Oh no not the fortnite


Team coby

Leon verses Noel

All sounds the same

Érik Lucero

I want the JP basketball

Sid's Camp 2

This More Like A Teaser Trailer 2 Than A Trailer


guru for fuck sake !!!

Yana Pickford

You should make a “full prediction” shirt and hoodie!

mr Butter cz

Iam chaos opener

Lucas Ferriola

Coby is not winning until you guys do a challenge he’s good at

Mason Ludwick

That was actually one of the hottest songs ive heard no cap

Alexander Bowers

I was just binge watching this stuff, I thought they were playing the old madden cause it’s 10 times better than 19, but then they said NEW madden 25, then I looked at when this was made and it was 2013, the whole time I thought this series was like brand new or something cause I literally haven’t watched dude perfect in like 2 years lol

Xavier Deane

I'm the its playable guy.

I'm from the UK so maybe it's different

Rebecca Beattie


Lovely Dead

What about your real mom? Is she still alive??


JudeHawk 2

Vermont film next

100 Subscribers?

That MW3 one got to me, I haven't played the game game in about 4 or 5 years. I didn't have WiFi so the campaign was all I had, it was still the best thing I had at the time. That girl in the grave at first didn't make sense because I haven't seen the map not recognize the voice. Then I saw the clip of the dad, mom, and daughter, all I remembered is they blew up or got shot in a dramatic way. I still... barely remember it. It brings me back to the good times, when life wasn't crashing down, when life wasn't your fault. I am really wanting to re-watch the campaign again, for good old times.

Riley Jean



lmao james harden gets a trick shot and then when the camera flicks back to him, he's just walking away without saying anything. 

Mr. Crabs human son

The ends of my hair flip if I grow it too long :/

Aayush Jha



Dude iam anxious and my bf is avoidance.... smh

BasketBall Phenom

Cody looks like his dad

Nathan Games

Did the frisbee guy quit dp

E Snek

I used to hate the dude,

Ignacio Chavez

Cheese steak Jersey Mike’s



lpp26 dvlz26



You know you've subscribed to something good when you like a video before it even starts playing.


Selling cookies

upper cut

Fantastic. Did you morons donate the rest of those eggs, oh idk, to someone who could have actually benefited from them. Starving homeless ppl, even so called Middle class professionals using 'Foodbanks'. But lets keep our heads in the sand & our eyes clued to our Mobiles, with a little help from Censorship Overlords YT. Mind is blown with how dumbed down you Millennial snowflakes are, Damn.


TYLER is such a Frickin cheater at 5:13 ty didint sit BACK IN HIS chair and held his gum in place!! dude perfect if you see this redo this vid in 2019.


Oh panda


"replace every month" that's how you know he don't play golf lol

Crystal Caruthers

On me bro u and pacman got this keep it up

Andrew Rutherford

My wish is to be in a dude perfect video to.

Rick Sommers

fuckin great

Petra Dujmov

make bloopers. who agrees

Iago Alonso Alonso

I love you too, bye :)

Atamjot Saini

Please make a video on PUBG

Bossness gaming

everybody we all now cubs are the best they won the world series

I don’t have to hear it from you 365 days a year.

The Dab King YT

Cool Boy 42909 didn't stick the landing (289 Meters)