Religion is for Idiots (pt. I)

see Part 2 here: from some of the world's intellectuals who are making an impact on humanity more than any religious person can dream to do -- see what Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Stephen Hawking have to say about god or religion. And funny inserts from Jim Jefferies, who keeps it real. I only post this because I am concerned how religion is a huge -- if not THE biggest -- impediment to the advancement of science and technology, and thus the progression of mankind. Watch this video in which Neil DeGrasse Tyson sheds light on the "Erosion of Progress by Religions:used (in order of appearance):1) "Jim Jefferies - God loves the stupid" (from his stand-up "Alcoholocaust"): Richard Dawkins - Militant Atheism TED Talk ("Neil deGrasse Tyson at UB: God and Science": "Stephen Hawking There is no God. There is no Fate.": (from Discovery Channel's "Curiosity" Season 1: Episode 1)5) "10 Questions for Stephen Hawking": "Jim Jefferies On Religion Horrible Blasphemy Panda - World's Funniest Comedy Standup ?" (from his stand-up "I Swear to God"): "Richard Dawkins: One Fact to Refute Creationism": credits:Max Richter - "Infra 5"Harry Gregson-Williams - "Dawn" (Life in a Day Soundtrack)Ludovico Einaudi - "Divenire" James Horner - "Saying Goodbye to those you so love" (A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack)The Cinematic Orchestra - "Arrival of the Birds & Transformation"



Frankie Klusto

Listen, I am a kid who never cries, but after watching this, thats the only thing I can do, i know there is a 99% chance u wont read this, but stay strong :).


really awesome videos and i love watching them! keep going this good work! :)

Toxic Af



About the Mad Max Fury Road stuff in Witcher 3- I think that might only be for the 'Hearts of Stone' expansion- mostly because I remember both came out within a week of each other- there's no way lines could have been recorded and put in Vanilla W3. Plus, it seems that War Boy quotes were added to only the new enemy the Fallen Knights, disgraced zealots of a religious order of knights- much like the War Boys and their religion surrounding Immortan Joe, V8 engines and Chrome.

Irfaan Dulloo

Main character seems so deadd, barely talks and when he does it the stupidest dialogue specially with his drone

Neha Rajyaguru

you are god

Motivational Stories

Dude you all are really perfect

Dynamic Aero

Lebron James adding his name everywhere to make it official. "Dude Perfect man, Lebron James."

Firsya The Mckydo

Love it


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My mom manly caused it and now I can’t trust her or anyone else in my family. I’ve only told people in the internet since I feel like a lot of people understand me more on the internet more then in real life

A little joke. Oh so you guys are in an open relationship? Oh yeah that's fine we can all live happily now. Dad laughs, mom laughs, the boyfriend laughs an I die a little inside.

Pro XP

Actually u boats are not fake there real from ww2 they where used by the Germans



Charis Bugaring

Hmmm This World is So Crazy

Anthony James

Looks can be deceiving, he was never READY.......He only played because of peer pressure & now his career is in jeopardy.....Rest up KD 🙏

Daemon Skycloak

Lol what good rpg has come out on Xbox? Loading screens shouldn’t be an issue for shooters and sports games.

ItsMe Stitch

An amazing 10 years it has been.

From: Miranda


I know a psychopath. and I've almost got him behind bars. I'll get my justice

CrazieChristian 1

@BrandonsThaughts i know thats tyler siad thats was the worst acting

brock hi.

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alduin the dragon

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6:32 why does she sound like a freaking 7 year old


Why am I watching this


Jajajajaja 2 años 2 MALDITOS AÑOS siempre me pregunte a donde iria ese varbaro ahora lo se xD

Mike W

hey how did you go in to a trespassing area fine, and hold a gun fine? with nobody caring?


Polish Flag (Polska Flaga)

Itzel Natalia Ameglio

You don’t know how much you love things until they are gone....... Love and spend time with your family while you can because they can be gone in one second

lego Builder

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mini minri

How can I tell my parents if they are the cause of my depression?

alison bent

2:16 this is literally the greatest thing ever aw


What a dog -_-

Luke Stento

2:58 nice photoshopping

Ben Parker

March 2019 anyone

Mark Njoku

It's obviously fake because those shots went in way to fast. Except for dude perfect's shot.


Something similar happened to me.

Foxtrot And more!

Dam not free

The Wise Turnip

Thanks for a great year of high quality videos guru

ZtotallyBless! Hudson

landon: "lets go make love"

Maria Lopez

You have the best videos 😉😃😂😉😎😝😜😛😯


would that count for a 3 point shot? or a 100point shot?!

Phoenix Tyler

What kind of rollerbades do you have??


Haha I have anxiety and I’m totally sane and happy with it 🙃🙃

Caleb Gavilanez

How do there do this shots

guess who


GamingWithBaby Gamer

In 3:40 sounds like your about to cry... We're you?!