Rahul Gandhi Mocks Forces On Yoga Day | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

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Payal Raj




No Soul

the only reason im watching this video is because I cant focus on studying, I think I've said enough.....




Noel Bose

Umai wa

Troll 2.0

Well the bastard DID jump all over them so...

There are some really good Easter Eggs out there... god how on earth do you manage to find these? :P

Darkest Monk

11:07 Holy shit! WTF! Russian man sayd


No... minecraft is classified as a indie genre because its like no other genre and creates its own it is survival but includes other genres aswell

Jake Ayers

**Appropriate Moments in James Bond Movies**

Scarlett Hyde

Her: hates kids


In a interview panda showed himselfThe video is also in youtube

Wyatt Wilson

hey guru if you are reading this then you are awesome.. p.s hade to make a new account.. copyright strikes got me... rip in pepporinis

Alessandro Carusone

What inspired you to do Montage Videos about Easter eggs?

Your insecurities

Yo my birthday is June 15th

Christopher Boylan

If you dislike this video then you are a bad person

Die nervigsten Personen

Thanks arsenal and Man city are my favourite teams

TFA The Flying Assasin/ AB

Wtf does tony have long hair wtf is this

Coleton Schneider

3:00 that wasn’t a swish3:51 that was

Bob The king

KFC vs Popeyes

Caden Batalla



I think the thing about epidurals is that sometimes it makes it harder for the woman to push, because they can't really feel what they're doing or know if they're pushing hard enough. I had a C-section though, so this is just a guess.

angie gomez

I would love to see a chamoy flavored lip scrub♥️