⚔️ Quien es Ogun Realmente en Nuestras Vidas ⚔️

El Dr. Luciano Pulido, Experto en Salud Holistica y Babalawo, explica quien realmente es el Orisha Ogun en nuestras vidas. 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 MAS INFORMACION ABAJO 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻Para recibir notificaciones de otros videos, pueden suscribir a nuestro canal haga click en la campana de suscripción:Para mas informacion, visite:

Wendy Thiry

Wouldn’t it be weird if you saw a person in a panda suit walking around in public

Dan Dominski

5:55 Easter egg from lost

Sir Boinkerton McDongerdick

After 4 years i finally found out what gurus pfp is

D4rrag00n XD

3:33 LOL


congrats on 10,000,000 subscribers!

jacob sudarsan

Co by won

Leon Ettey

Lol that is sweet. Cheers lad. U sir have a sub. I have too many fullstops on this comment.

Razal Thoufeek


I’m so sorry

Loan Nguyen

I have asma and i have asma when its too hot too cold run too much and lay down for too long so i use to sit down sleeping on my mums lap

Antonio Alves


Tracy Messerle

For the bonuses is either 23 or 25

Abdul Naser Abdul Majat

I am sorry for ur loss. And we are all a 8 year old dummy so don't feel bad and I lost some thing too

Paistin Lasta

I know there is castway easter egg

Lily Charles



i loved it

ammar wijaksono

Three billy goats gruff is a fairy tale

Emma Drew

How does she remember such details from so young.

The Fandom Master

Frozen II: Endgame

Ged 999

Okay, before watching the video..and even cars 3, i am 100% sure there will be the A113, the pizza planet, and maybe the ball with a star on it easter egg.


i don't think raiden outfit is a easter egg..



We're do u get these costumes


wtf nice !!!

Mi'Shaun Harris

i have a disease called LIGMA

Lax For life!!!

That circle thing they ride on looks like The circle thing general grievous rides on in Star Wars revenge of the Sith


I have zeke and mike on madden mobile

Azzan Kashif Mir

Bounces watching in 2019

Eric Sanders

Hey who is thinking that their going to use the song for the anime series as the theme song

Syed sultan Ali Zaidi

DUDE to 888111

Maitté Flores

Lo quiero 😍 JadedFeathers sees dad drinking

Juan Don Nadie

The big hero 6 one was cool

Unc Deezy Loves you

i got attack by genki and it took a long as time to kill him he was beating are ass me and my co-op partner and we had the cops on us


The radio signal easter egg blew my mind. Another reason why valve is awesome! :)

Eric Acosta

Oh wait stabbing pain that has something else.

Gage Liljequist

I always thought it was ok to be gay but I'm not

Esther Marie CisPhelan

Jeff is amazing.

lynn Thompson MacDowell

Did they destroy an actual gym???!!!

JMAA TV: Official

In the tangled musical number "I've got a dream" a puppet of Martin Luther King would have been more fitting.

I blame myself for every fight because I think I’m worthless and I can never achieve my goals

Игрок 9

Тупо ищу русский коммент

1st: the radio plays a happy version of the credits ("wan't you gone")

Lego Bros

next do Peyton manning please 😣😣😣😣

Kelsey Wardell

They need to do this again

Nikki Bergmeier

I love dude perfect


I love dude perfect❤️👍🏻😍

RG Productions

Try the European sports too man "CRICKET!!!!!"


Pokemon go is destroying r/gaming.

XT Pro

Watched this thousand times😆

Xavier Pring

2:44 is that the logo of Spotify?


B and S... hm thats a little odd..