Q&A with Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr. Craig answers questions from the audience on matters of theology.

Phillip Dalton


Sports Man

Who is watching in in 2019

Helsie Jefferson

Was that the star wars kid reference?



Kiwi, is tired of yee.

Honestly though, all these problems started because she started off on the internet on the wrong foot. Doing all the things you shouldn’t be doing, sharing photos of your actual face, going on Tinder ffs, letting dumbass perverts get in her head- she could’ve done something else, a whole bunch of other things on the internet than what she did, but she chose to do that of all things. :”)

Jack Bruno



I think it is related to Remi's elevator pranks

Alexis Villalba

He looked so annoyed 🙄😂 I can’t believe this is your first ultrasound and yet u were trying to figure out the gender way before this 😂 u still got a looooooong way to go girl 😂 Be patient and just worry about the health not about just wanting and hoping to get what u want

Ramzy james

I subscribed to dp

T Slade

20 1 9!


That Balloon Head Gun may be one of the best easter eggs I've ever seen in a video game XD

Syifa Fajriyatus


Krulliebollii Channel

The Shambala LP... Im thinking about Uncharted 2 or 3. Shambala is the underground city right?

Batuhan Ildeş

Hello from Turkey !

I CASI Persi

Like 2019

Sparkle Babe

good boy. 😂

Nutpuff_ The_Wolf

People who have been here before 1 million👇

Pedrinho Plays

holy crap, what is that voice??????? (instaboner)

oneshotbrooksy the boss

Football stereotypes

•Crystal Søul•

Sorry for ur loss Jefferee😢

Brent Rolin

Who watching an 2019 ??????????

Pranjal I love BTS!!!

The ultimate setup -😀😁😂😂😂😂😹😹


When I saw those environment I was like...The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cartoon Edition!

Ilovepuppys So much

I tried I can’t I Feel alone and i told them that I cut myself but she just hurt me more =( she told me that I was stupid and a fool she told me. Are you stupid wat are you doing and she I told her that what happen but she ignore me ;( it’s been a moths that I can’t stop thinking wat happen I I’m thinking wat happen and I got sick and in my stomach something explote of that plz tell me I’m feeling so alone

Ayashkant Satpathy

It was looking like a big broken pennis


jeeeefff bbbeeezzzoooossss was thrown down a flight of stairs

Vaishali Desai

This vid tells us how panda suffers the most... 😂😂😂😁😁🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

Mike Gilvasis

Christmas came early😂

Mariela Flores

Im just watching this and its 2017😂

Leslie_ :-P

1:30 -looks like the resemblance of the stones in Brave

annamalai associate staff

YRdmلو كه

gypsygrace vintagegoat

I think they sould make more videos like that.

Céline Denis

24601 shows hehehe

airforceguy1965/roblox airforce

3:27 pandas name revelled

Joselin Hernandez

My mom knows how u feel about having a baby born to early. I was born 3 months early since if I stayed in her belly I would have died

Honey Auld

Im so confused.. when did it say that her dad abused her ?

Samuel Chapeton

Real madrid

Connor Morris

Omgs that was quite deep

PUBG l4tte

3:28 picture that is seconds before death (cake)