PM Imran Khan peh Gustakh-e-SEHABAH r.a ka FATWAH ??? ILMI Analysis By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza !

A Critical Video Clip from 68-ILMI-o-Tahqeeqi MAJLIS (Open Q & A Session) with Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Bhai (Recorded on 16-June-2019). Link of Complete VIDEO :


Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. A unicorn shitting rainbows in true Nyan fashion. Looking forward to future videos.


you have 188 videos and no mic

The squirting Squid

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Mr Einarsson

C-3po, chewbacca and greedo isn’t a part of “The Old Republic” game. The Old Republic is 3000 years before the prequels trilogy and the original trilogy

Wild man1314

Every time I go to the gym I always see a creepy person gnawing on a pickle


Well these spinners are no longer a trend but watching you guys in 2019 bring this back to life

O hai, Wilhelm. Lol, did anyone else notice the Wilhelm Scream there?


When I saw the thumbnail, I instantly clicked.


She's a gamer, and loading screens are a thing.

Emma Lukasiak

10 mins ago

peirl and spirit

I understand how you feel I lost my grandpa in 2013 , I was 6 then , my grandpa was a shiny bright good in my eyes, he was my role model, and then he got cancer, I prayed for his safety, but it didn't help, I got the news and I didn't know how to feel, and I still don't here in 2018, I've bin through over 5 deaths of family and pets over my life , I turned 13 only yesterday , it's hard but I moved on , knowing that I loved the and they loved me , it wears on a humans soul but a soul can heal over time with love and care, love yourself, it's the key to a long happy life

Trevor N Thwing

hi dude perfect huge fun.


The best channel about easter eggs!!!

Maya Apedjinou

Can we appreciate how good of a artist the person drawing this is and the voice actress is amazing too!


Ofcourse they were black.

savagebunny garcia

Drop as movie

rossana quidaciolu

i love first easter egg 💓💓(the last of us forever 💗💗)


check out my channel its epic i do trick basketball shots and there EPIC!NO TROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Santis

haha wow! awesome..

Crystal Meme

I’m glad your okay now :,( I hate those people who date underage girls and abuse them. I know it wasent like a 14 year old but STILL

My mother tried, and, now me and my three y/o sister are here. Thank you God.

Jake Whiten

@jugglesandmrmathessyeah he did

Mira nda

Same voice every time

Shubh Pandit

Dad trickshots 2

Белый Ясень

5:18 Simson😁😁😁

LAsT gamer

Tyler you did bad to panda


i love your videos about easter eggs :D when call of duty WWII go on steam , do you do video about easter eggs from this call of duty?

Alex Star Lucy meme

Time and do a one ☝️

Tree Series

Like:soccer Comment: Football

Admiral Ego


Minion Army

base ball steriotipes

Love from Mexico 🇲🇽 ❤️

Aizat Aizat

good video.... i like it

Playground Player

Lots of people are saying that these trick shots are fake, but I don't believe that. Though after I saw this video I think something is fishy. (I still like your videos though.):/


AHAHAHAHAH This was amazing! #RIPCoD

Malpaise Legate

"Thor's Hammer" is actually called Mjolnir.

Pako gonzalez

Where can I find the office reference at


The second chute caught on the first?



Marina Petrovskiy

Can we get the big hoop

Ηλιας Τσικουδης

You cannot be exposed! The fact that someone sexualizes your naked body shouldn't concern you. It is their issue.


Who gave Disney horror and action soundtracks

Xd Gaming

22 bounces

Kami loS

The ending tho

Rilo Pambudi

I'll be that sweaty guy then, and grunting too..