People Read The Most Recent Texts From Their Parents

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Tobias Jakobsen

You are amazing

Did I mention she was 17?? No I didnt


Well fuck thanks for the unwarned spoilers of The Flash... the S3 ain't out yet in Netflix so i have no way of acquiring it cause i live in Finland... 3:

whistling jennie

My poor heart-

Evan Silveira

Random Clips #2 I was wondering what the future of this message is prohibited and that you can see the world of you who don't know what you want to do with the same time. I have a good butt. I have a good butt. I was just a little 8k.

David Ahead

This Video gave me so much strengh.To understand I am 15 and in Front of me is the choice of working and a higher school and I always saw this „Money is Time“ but now I know that the Time is even more than Money because that time that you wasted you cant get it back but money,so money you don’t need a salary thats 2,000+ to be happy because that 200 Hundred more aint worth even an Hour of your Time so you just would waste time for nothing but if you do something you like you get something between 1.600 and 1.900 but you have a job that you can enjoy and dontyou waste your Time for nothing 💯

슈퍼 마리오와 칭구들

1:25 손 집중 움직...


This video looks so professional. Btw Guru, the music was fine :-)

Lisa McClendon

rock on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich Cundiff

This is the fool me 3 times shame on me for EA Star Wars. Not taking the bait. They'll find a way to screw it up.



ONESMO francis

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banana sucker

fuck I feel like Elsa is gonna make a sacrifice

I wouldn’t call it dealing with what everyone else goes thru. Only some people can see what we see

Noah Hancock

garet hilbert

Shadow Stalker

Saving puppers can give you the ability to meme the fuck out of people

Daveen Wilkin

Oooh 😮

Hunny Bunny Studios

Im sorry for u i cryed


If u go into a building in the multiplayer map standoff the is a notice board and on one of the postet notes it says " Zombies are coming "


so id like it if you'd put my yt name 8n and my nickname(Jordyn And my real name) thanks

Girl_14_ 2013



In bed!


And under Nico is Roman! -.- i hate Roman...

poonam panchal

Why TY had pulled the rope in rooftop bomer

not a single soul:

Wonder Boy

if he trun in to shazam

King DD

ty had wind on his side.

Catherine Y

That's fake made with photo shop

fortnite is life

😤...nobody👏 cares 👏 if 👏 they 👏 posted at the same time 👏👏👏👏