Patrice O'Neal Harassment Day - REACTION!

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Raylee Oller

Matt : It’s either sprinkles or blood


Hahahah tthats funny I like how u use speed mostion to make him run fast

Rachel Meehan

over the tree and in


At 3:05 / 3:06 you can see half of the Westworld sign on the left, right next to the teen titans. Also the piano on the right is from the saloon in the show.

Bradley Hinton

This video and the last one are SUCH great videos by the music and the format of everything and everything blends so well


hiro hamada what are you doing here?


What happens if you go to the trees where the T-rex appear ?

Uehejje Yeu

Kyygntvfvufbfuufiyutf I’m a idiot

PJ Jensen

100 of 100

Александр Маркелов

Idk why but I want to be bipolar

A society where nice people get to the top, but where bad people can be allowed to get to the top if they reform. But bad people are suppressed regardless of talent. So if you are a bully, a child abuser, a rapist, a wife beater, a snob, an inverted snob, a thief you are kept at the bottom.

Eun Kim


When I was 3.........

Isaiah Gomez

The bait was as bigger than Tyler

Herobrineskie 7

Bully: where’s your money?

JOJI 650

You're dad has a nice stach

AllThings Wolf

Is everyone still hoping for a Lesbian Elsa?😂

Eminent Nebula71

what is the name of that first Star Wars remix song you played in the video?

Grandparents: Ethan this a textureless egg

Dalton Nuehring

Football shots



The Madman


kitsune spirit

Lets see how the kids will react when they had that kind of condition everyone is beautiful even u guys at the comments


Is it just me or the animation is a bit smoother? I'm looking forward to this.

Seth Ross

You think you have a bad child hood my mom was beat by my alcoholic stel dad (my parents divorced when i was 4 months old) and sent me with my dad and he cheated on my step mom and got strung out on meth so my mom wanted me back and he said no but when my step mom found out that my dad was cheating he kicked him out so i went back with my mom and everything got better


The game was fifa 19


Eminem x Hopsin

TheroastedMeMe Ñîtrogéñ

A teacher called me the n-word


Wait a second... Mexico didnt go to war with Vietnam

Evelyn Lukin

Including since ur zodiac sign is scorpio, that would look really cooooooooool in makeup

Good job 😂

FrostyZ Boy

So cool

Kevin Wu

ohhh.... oh my GODD!! did they..... did they just do what i thinkthey did? did they just...... MAKE GOLF INTERESTING???

millertime pack

what state are you guys located in

she's been very cold and mean to him and he wasn't respecting her alone time🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


Can someone tell me what did the easter egg had reference to?

Mohammad Haque

I think Germany hehe...

kgabo Semenya

Beautiful song.But I swear Drake needed some guidance here .He was asleep when he recorded this like Chris was like yo wake up n sing its yr turn n he went like "u got it girl u got it" and went back to sleep

Sheshe Mko

This so much pain and hurts :(

Cam Westerman

At 2:48 did anyone else notice Ty's dad step on his foot

Giovanni Marquez

R.I.P minion


Marco Afane

I Know is late but Germany will win in 2014 and France in 2018

Eyeball Paul

Hello Dylan kerrigan

Josue Y Gary

Hawkeye who?

Dad : want have 3some with your mom

Matthew Roussos

2:17 2017 intensifies

Keeper Mania

Use flex tape

Emma Schmidt

Did anybody realize that’s Garett’s shirt isn’t there? He’s just a floating head.😂😆😂

I can't stop you, but if you leave, take me with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh)

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My Favorite Video was the Water Bottle Flip Edition