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Dhruv Vinod Nair

Mr. Excuse

Paper Screwdriver

Cody Martin? 2:12

YourEmployee Gt

And Then You Became The Flash.


That girl voice so ear drum !!

Kirby Smith



Man, Didn't know I was going to see Big Black in this video. Really miss him, what a legend.


The start of Sponge Bob

Wallachian Haiduk

Whoever trimed Joe's beard did him good ..


Caden Nicholl

Wow... I'm at a loss for words. Those parents showing unconditional love to their child is so heart warming. I hope more people could practice love like this for their children

Abd Munim

5:16 that man funny combo C:

Drew Schoenberger

I was dying at the Marc Gasol part


Hello, I am a Korean who has always seen Dude perfect. I've been watching videos for a long time. Thank you for always posting fun videos.

G2 Mossi

And then duke this year😂

Muhammed Kılıç

Türkçe alt yazılıyı sevdim 😚😘

Mane Misakyan


Lenny Beck

y cant this game come out now You really really need more subscribers for the work you've done . Keep up the good work ! Greetings from Romania

Kadu Close


Amir Thaqif

Toilet prrrt

Ryan M.


OhKinkyKangster 1261

Your Life Is Over. Sike


Was wondering if this game was worth it? Also nice video as always, you've came a long way. Proud of you man keep it up!


happy new years

Ege Çağan KASAP

Aim hack açmış piçlrr

Samuel Lopes

4:53 no way

Zachary Walker

I hate anime!!!

Cee Luke



Brody smith


I know this barely links to the video at all, but damn why did Wes Craven have to die? One of the greatest and most ingenious directors of all time imo.

It's actually a reference to a bonus mission in the end of the game where you hunt down Bigfoot I believe.

Itz Aubrey

i thought he broke up with her :/

BuS crocop

Stop grabbing the mic tony

Alpha XVIV

Richtofen's ending is fucking OP O.o

nomar santoyo

Guruuuuu back at it again with the Easter eggs



Chiki -chan

I thought the car was black.

deadpool Oclinaria

I trust you


Do this again with Part II !

Artisan SAIRAT

The gods have returned