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Great job on the voice!!

Ssnnooppyy S

that balloon popping part was satisfying as fuck dude...thanks,i really needed that to make my day GURU


Cody gets dunked in cake lol

Red Face Comics

Man You're doing drugs so hard LOL

Snake Juice

Guru i've found the pizza planet truck in the video game of the incredibles


343 ftw

Random Girl

Hey you are very strong and brave. If you feel up for it try for the third time. And try praying really hard that time. Thats how i was born 😉


All I catch is seeweed fish( which is just seeweed, no a fish)


Someone could say, alien recycling :)


It’s Crazy How Polo G Made It Out The trenches i guess he can finally say he made it🤝

Keith Spencer

Texas wins everytime. Just to start the salad that goes with nearly every meal is incredible. Fried onion is much better at Texas as well.




8:55 reference to "Two Worlds" game ? sounds like song from part one and seem like buildings from part two

Mô ndér

Hey guys what is name of this type of rap ??

Lesieli Kali

LITTERALLY I wish I was ANNIE she's like in everybodys songs...


If you would have asked me what I thought your next video would be like. It would not have been this.

Jean Hernandez Viramontes

Girl swipes left

Trystan Thao

Rip coby’s team

infinite chunges

when the video started I saw her dad and I was OMG LEE

Bobby Brenninkmeyer

whos still watching in 2019

Frank Goodman

I’m mr big foot and my friend is mr ball hunter you guys should do hockey stereotypes

0161 22

A little part? You saved her and her daughter's life 💜💜💜

Carleh Foox

When I saw this my first thought was his mom kicked him outta the house

Dan Ho

Is it just me, or does Ty get to do everything? We rarely see Garett do stuff...

Scott Johnson


1,000 subs with One video??

Purple hoser since day 1


Wow, WHY?!?!

Kimberly Hoskinson

Twinkle twinkle little star

Cheung Calix


María José

No puedo estar más orgullosa :’)

Amrik Gola

Coby will win a battle, called the sumo battle

meow icorn

Take care

Bennett Willems

Da boom stick


N64 games!!!!

!!!!!! #RestInPeace @nipseyhussle 🤝🏿RAYMOND LEE WASHINGTON & STANLEY "TOOKIE" WILLIAMS #RaymondLeeWashington &

Jaime Andrés Esquivel Baduy

nice shots

Pro Reviews

1 like = to 1 prayer for coby


Imagine Dynamax Waillord

May Ella



ty that's a good swing

Narayani A

Im a mix between avoidant AND anxious

Gita Paul

Virat Kohli

Den4ik V

Истерички бешеные!

Mallory Alesna

By that ultrasound she’s only around 12 weeks pregnant (3 months) lol i have 3 kids and they all looked like gummy bears at my 3 month ultrasound. By 4 months, I found out the gender of my kids.. so I guarantee her due date is around December 😋


OMG can't wait. Always wanna know about her power. Can't really wait

Git Funkt

Hands down you are the best easter egg channel.


Plunger trick shots 2 plz.

Aliyah Jan

Hi am underrated fort nighte pleyar

Yong Achuoth


Kye Lockeridge

At 4:47

Nagur vali yalamandala

It is not may be too perfect so show some bloopers

super adan plush


Elite Sports

Good video

Maximus Brace

soccer pizs