Matt Dillahunty: We're Just Talking

Sponsored by The Phil Ferguson Show:Dillahunty is one of the hosts of The Atheist Experience television show, he is a frequent speaker and debator, and he hosts the Atheist Debates YouTube channel.Matt and Seth Andrews are friends who often enjoy long conversations on the freethought convention circuit.This time, they decided to record the conversation for the podcast audience, touching on topics ranging from religion to atheism to Star Wars.THE ATHEIST EXPERIENCE:DEBATES:

0bvi0us Plant

Doing everything except stopping climate change lol turning into the new Venus and yall out here roasting marshmallows

Samuel Buddo


Hamzah Shaikh

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The Diamond Company

You forgot the part where TRH sings happy birthday.

Philippe Morrison-Girard

fuck a&m, geaux tigers

Annalise Napoleone

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Buzz Killington

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‘Weirdo detected”

Sean Wangnick

Gig 'em Aggies!

Youtube Luqed

Come to Australia and do the Steve Irwin challenge. U have to jump on crocs and take the eggs. Bet your all p*ssies


I’m living for these slow motion shots. Especially the shot of peach licking marbles. How fucking cute. Honestly I am down to have a birthday video for each of the dogs, even if you spread them out for a the next few month.

xX DugTheDog Xx

Your not ugly your so pretty

Taylor Tubbs

the world's largest sling shot

Cynthia Daniels

You see when she said red head people expect to see orange or ted hair but it was brown

wolf lover

I found the cannon cool....

Just A Penguin Nothing To See Here

See; this video would have accomplished it's intended goal if it used an example of trully being bullied over a difference of opinion, but since they seem to be under the impression that "I think the lgbtqa+ community doesnt deserve rights" is equalivant to "I like cats more than dogs" the earlier is bigotry and any person that has those opinions deserves this treatment- not like they actually will either seeing as the scenario in this video is incredibly unrealistic and tone deaf.

Captain America

So.You’ve finally decided to let it go?

Peter Cuadrado

Me suena a una despedida, no estoy llorando

Marcela’s Channel

Cory take that tattoo off

SpOnGeGoD Is DeMoNiC

What about the person that spoils Endgame?

Raga Mortelar

This is just like me and my cat. He's so often the reason I can get out of bed and not give up on living :)

Aislyn Dizon