Le'Andria Johnson confesses to alcoholism and 30 days in jail

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He almost as guap as Kelly Oubre

ara 0

but WHAT happened after that? Like wtf?

Quentin Egan

Just how *facepalm 11:35 IT SAY 5 MILES IS A 1 MILE SWIM JUST HOW HOW DO YOU MESS UP THIS BAD 😤😤😤😤😤😤😑

Cute Potatoes

Girl kinda looks like Frisk or Chara


What part of Texas


0:56 it almost didnt make it

Cody line: yahhhhhhhh baby

Marianela Estrada

Imagine there was a movie off all pixar moviesdoing a crossover. And also what is the name of the music or song...CAUSE IT'S AWESOME!!

Teudoongie Fighting ❤❤ How do you tell your parents that you have depression and your not just “ lazy”? that you have the fear of rejectiond and you never gonna be good enough? that you dont even know why people even wanna hang out with you because youre a fucking mess and dont know how to deal with it? that every time they wanna talk about how you feel you dont even know where to start and besides they CANT DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME. how you are so FUCKING SCARED of rejection? you dont even have had one proper meal since forever and have struggled with weight for YEARS?? how do you tell them about how anxious people make you feel like? that you have panick attaks EVERY SINGLE DAY? how do you tell them about youre suicidal thoughts? about how you dont have even one friend who knows this because them knowing it its not gonna change anything, only make me more aweare!! How you tell them all of this if they dont even know anything and you live in the same house. tell them isnt gonna make any difference. its only gonna make things worst. its hopless

Gacha Watermelonz

I wonder if Usain Bolt would be able to escape that?

Luke Johnson

Do lacrosse

Woal the dog

coby will win

Viet Huynh

"...They're not good for you, they're delicious for you." - Sam The Cooking Guy, 2019

Me: Awe man i was really looking foward to that😥😣

bumchek is awsome

No no no its not your fault Dont belive its ur fault😱

Varun Jagoo

1:30 i laughed till i cried

sundas nadeem

Where can I get it

Good Boy Dan

you cheeky bro i gotta watch easter eggs here

Robert Lozano

Team Coby

Titan Slayer

That’s means Deadpool and Daredevil is being introduce

Junko ko

Is anyone watching this in 2019? Please tell me im not the only one

Chloe Emm

Don’t throw knives, kids

Nikola Theme

Am I only one that that isn't big fan of sugar and sweet stuff like chocolate, cake, cookies, etc

Uma Sultanpuri

I know where panda is!


i agree with john cena

Bike Life

And the dude perfect game is fun

assassins creed vs ancient drone


I'm a very shy quiet but interfaces a lot person but my chin is always up and I'm not the person that someone would want to mess with though I'm shy and quiet If that ever happened to me or any girl I would actually beat someone the f up and traumatize them.


BLOW MORE STUFF UP!!!!!!!!!lol

Nive Jiva

I from Malaysia.I like it


easter eggs pls

Mario 11

Where is garret?

Bret Hitchcock

Bunch of.babies

The Badass Kitten

The first one hit me hard

Terran 02

Clown busta is the same thing the guest said in the lacrosse video.Same shot same quote

Summer kun

0:38 look's around nobody's here hugs a no one

I promise.

Jesus Freak

I was a couple of blocks away from it.


you fool, the greenclaptrap can be found by jumping onto a roof oposite him, no need to do glitches

hey dude

Love the song lol

Abdur-Rehman Arshad Raja

Pool party

The Lego maker !

heres an easter egg i cod bo III when you get gold for a gun the nearest player will say : good job on the golden bars:

Cleo Reizzelv

0:00 For a moment I thought it's suddenly the hunger games

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