KAPA Founder' Latest Update June 22, 2019 | PART 1

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Shadow Of The Night

We are blessed yet again!

recognize thesenuts

I’m the shield hero

Ivan Soto

Ever need a caption listen to the lyrics


I've never played the games before but holy fuck 3 and 2 made me feel sad.

Dane Sawchuk

I like the hole in 1

William Rosado

Go to Puerto Rico


Taty Maz

Where was her parents?wtf she was 17

my bars are stinging you like the bees who took your life


0:19 and that would soon be know a SPEED COLA


Dillon Gross

I made some AWESOME basketball shots!!! Please check them out!!!

Lydia Lévesque

Her: my grades started to drop gets A-

Miller Crumpton

2019 anyone

jamie burns

try making a video of 15 magic tricks that will blow your mind


actually i would take both because i dont use meds in the game, i just sell them (only med-X and rarely rad-x

lesly marroquin

Hasta ganas de tener uno me dio jajaja saludos desde Guatemala Juanpa

Andrew Johnston

It's called a fishing rod and a tennis racket


i love this video




Eyyyyyyyy that’s my boy ward

I don't know what I took



•Strangest Søul 011•

I can believe they said that she was quote on quote... "ugly" I bet you aren't ugly because everyone is pretty in their own way

pixel potato (sometimes)

Well then could you make a part 2?