Thats why minecraft is better


Panda's country China

Erhan Günes

Can you Please write how much tries did you need


Lol, the parents are betas... they took in a kid, who doesn't respect them, and when he gets successful he's gonna move to the PHilippines and live with his birth mom and dad and abandon his adoptive white parents.... this is why you shouldn't adopt a different race or culture, it causes problems.


HAHAHA man dayt was a straight up SMACK

Dave Harms

you guys are amazing

Tyan i7505

Where was this shot?

The guy told her to recall events, presented two witnesses AND told her to see a doctor. HE'S making more of an effort to "make sure" than her! She's just accusing. Not checking for bruises/marks, signs of penetration, or residual semen. Just accusing because "he's a jerk so he MUST have done something!" Take the word "jerk" out and replace it with "Jew", "Arab" or "black" and see if she's still as defensible.


does anyone remember ALIAS the TV Show ?? Guru, can you do a easter egg thing for that ?


thumbs up for squeaky chair:)


@JorgeSoccer111 go look up remi gaillard. he basically does stuff like this...with soccer

Khalid Abdi

Wtf i thought he had black hair

Patrick Delaney-Pao

The achivement 5 Years in The Making is the easter egg for referencing to GTA

Venkatesh Seera

one of the Best Battle

Tyler Brock

My favourite is the blue jays

Pepe Alvarez

Did anyone else Absolutely CRY over the gallon of milk NOT bring drank?


I know what you are going through because this happened to my best friend when we were younger, except the police found her. This also happened to my cousin like two years ago, but now she is fine and her grandmother was in a wreck because her mom just took off with her. I have another cousin who is still missing and she may still be alive because I found her on several social media websites like Twitter, Youtube, and some other ones.


That entire Hawaii family convo had me in stitches 😂

s h i l o h

Titanic LEZBOES lol

A7X foREVer

Nice, Another console where developers don't take advantage of the hardware.


3:07 butt splap :))

shyni saji

Table tennis trickshot


1:39 Godzilla???

And I'm just happy that I'll finally get to see what everyone is happy bout

Dude Perfect😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


love you video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fnaf268258 walter

My dad left our family and he never visits or anything i wish i could spend time with my dad but good things always come to a end and he had to sleep on the concrete floor he was homeless i was sad and i will never forget him and my mom had to go to court cause he never takes care of me

Aleksandar Mugosa

How watch this in 2019 like the comment

B Scooter

Left over steak ?!? I’m lost at this point

Ahmed tigre blanche


Look at that thumbnail


Update for iphone 5

1000000 subs with no videos

Well mainstream media


Giant soccer

Sanjeevini Pandey

best short in worelds

Arial Nitro

lol 7:37

Armando Furing

I like slide flip

Sabina eden Callangan

The is the COOLEST It can say the worldis round my GOSHHHH😱😱😱

Nightlight !

There is a mad hatter Easter egg north of the vault


Thank you for making this video without any annoying songs running in the background! :)

shadi Salameh

is tyler realy a rage monster or he's just acting

You should do it(: