Godsmack - Bad Religion (Lyrics)

Lyric Video for Godsmack's Song Bad Religion.. Enjoy and Comment!

Mahesh Kumbhar

Love you Bro. Great work.

Merci Diamond


So how do i get rid of it???

nani 56

I love your intro 😻

CyD The Kid


Earls Kitchen

I have a kid at my school named jasepi

They you should NEVER say yes to that cause what if that is dangerous..or if they just fail in what they should not make a sucess in the first place..that will scar them more than a "i think you should try this instead" :)

Erik Nilsson

i love you please dont stop making these or i will kill myself


and the lust-cannon xD

Shay Allie

Great production. Admire this squad. Hannah looks beautiful as always.


are you secretly DSLRguide's gaming channel?

Btw, probably jaidenanimations will understand you a lot

kazor 7

That ending was so sad Alexa play despacito 2

melody eary


He would forget alot

Rona Inamac

"You must find the truth, go north" Some game of thrones vibe...


He won his first battle


The infinity blade one was the biggest plot twist I have ever seen

Elisa Babilonia

You should do a 4 wheel race

Joe Smith

Cory pulls the stuff out of the car

Sam Bisas

All these people who don't like the Talos Principle need to get over it. Personally I thought this video was really good (as always). Also, Talos Principle obviously has great easter eggs that nobody knows of. Therefore the title, "Best UNUSED easter eggs 2014"

Carlos Del Coro

the kids love you!!

Allen Padilla

19 meters

Stephen Pendarvis

Who is panda??

Son Goku 0

Same as my mom lol

josue lujan

bad buny oficial yt vamos

Chaotic T0XIC

the best part of the video was everything

Murphy Clement

That's beast


Toxic Venus

if you are under 18 call the cops and he will be arrested for child pornography

like a boss7749

clay mattews

Blue Mace

Why am I getting recommended this in 2019

Jolly Cooperation

LOL. Loved the ending. "Or some bullshit like that. I dont know."

Matthew Morton



my birthday is march 23

Lemonn Freakk


Dominique W

My heart breaks! I'm so sorry :( RIP sweet baby

William Paris



Sara Rose

This was my first dp vid I saw back in 2015

Austin gaming

Who am I? Better than you.

The “is it time for recess” guy YOU ARE IN VIETNAM, BITCH'S.