Face to Face - Disconnected

a classic punk rock song...

Samuel Luan


Jonny Wonny

That must've been a hard one to compile!




How'd she type this?

Catisha ;3


Hi ._.

I’m gonna fall in love when I’m flipping 90


Skip is gonna be on suicide watch after tonight's game

Chase Films

Who would ever dislike this?!

super paper work of tomthilnganba Soraisham

That dog is as cute as coby

Vincent Pallasigui

Director: How many confusing themes do you want?Elsa: yess


The only shots were from ty

"Don't judge a book by its cover."😌

Monkeyslime Asmr

Girl I know how anxiety feels I’m only 12 but sometimes when things just start happening really fast I start to breath really hard and I can’t sleep at all I hate living with my anxiety it just makes me cry and scream but I just have to take a breather that helps that helps so much.

kim ina

I'm gonna cry😭. I don't know wae?


Trucks driving by dude perfect’s HQ like:That’s some big chips

Malcolm Slagle

i want coby to win


no that's karl marx's great grandson

Ok so I'm a furry and I have struggled so much because of hate I have cut myself and I have tried to commit suicide because do many people have hurt me because all people think we are are people who dress up and yiff and yes some do but don't forget there are two different groups of us the kind who does yiff and do other stuff like that and the type that just be themselves like goes to fur meets makes friends hangs out and does not yiff or anything you can hate but just remember what your doing you may be shaming a furry that is innocent and doesn't deserve it and even people who do yiff they don't really deserve hate it's their sexuality let them be and also many of us are LGBTQ and we support it and I'm lesbian and I have a gf and she supports me being me thank you for reading this I already know I'll get hate I'm not dumb but thank you for if anyone has anything to say also if you have questions I'll be glad to answer! ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜

Lawrence Lau

Anyone else cried when he double killed the minion.

illyna nelson



Lol Molly is bad at game


Hole-In-One is my favorite one

Shreya Gin

I am sorry for this girl, I hate period.

Kaden Zarzan

That explosion was eggalishis

Alan Arjona

try shooting ocelot with a stun gun in the head multiple times...enjoy.

Logan Byrne

The fathers head looks a tiny bit like salami

The Joker

Camiel Spruit

4:08 let's get a picture withe my nigga?😂😂

Gamer 1234739_YT

panda was celebrating and just throw a basketball to his head 😂😂😂

Katy Mokrytska

His high school classmate the way she took the 200 hahah

Atharva The Champion

but how u all play is a different way


Like.Good so much.👍👍👌👌👌

yeflynne nature instagram

the pop squirt was ridic

catlover 444793

I get bullied at school because I'm from Canada and the bullies are from India.


Easter eggs inside videos of Easter eggs?


what about the sniper that shoots minecraft arrows? it drops from badass creeper

trinidad lara

You now this Easter egg vid is good when the channel hides Easter eggs within the vid. 😂

Faithie Z.A

I really love their friendship!!!!!!!!!❤️😊😊😂😀(ps. And that panda too)

crazy stupid

I'm coming to your live show in August can I get your Otograph and a pic bc it will be my birthday

Ethan Hair

I was totally rooting for Jeff Goldbloom.

Task Force

Cambodia Style And I Think show that This is camboida

Samuel Brent

Weres garett

Jaden Saddler

Amazing iPhone

headog veto

Ну да если ты русская ты понимаешь меня

Cedric Ye

Gar loves eating snow

Lanie Wakeham

I thought it was a real person... lol

Evelyn Estrada

i cried. it reminded me of how we take life for granted.


ahaha how could I missed them, I watch your videos all the time

Nonitooreyes Hernandezreyes

Me encantoooooooooo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

اشياء منوعة

كم واحد عربي يباوع للفديو

Egg With no videos but with 25k Subscribers. ?

Coby didn't win... Sooo also it will say: data unavailable or something

Cai Halligan

How do people find these Easter Eggs?!


Nintendo Claims E3Disney: Today is the perfect day to release our trailer


The bathroom thing I get. Ever since the 3rd grade I’ve been extremely afraid of vomiting. I would have panic attacks whenever I felt slightly sick and used to track what I eat. It seemed like I was anorexic but that wasn’t the case. I was losing weight and became more introverted. I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety and was given therapy and later medication. My phobia has died down and only surfaces when I feel extremely nauseous. But I’m still an extreme perfectionist and I’m not lying when I say I’ve never met anyone in person as organized as I am. This video explains it very well 👌


Im just watching this and i am like poor panda

What a POWER !!!!!!!!!

Libbie Jackk


Lee Ning Reaction

Your videos are great to watch, glad I've come across this channel. 

Starla Plays

Honestly anorexia is the worst thing ever

its at act 3 chapter 2 upstairs in the gate and you hear the brothers talking to the dad

Hopefully, I don't leave you on your own




Now, that was fake! :)