Emo Phillips - Childhood

Emo Phillips 1991 Showtime American Mammal in London. Emo talks about his over-protective parents during his childhood.

Ruben Garcia

Her eyes say it all it's like shes cursing him with her look

I feel like I can’t talk to that person for a solid month

Lisset Morales

Nice throw

Black knight 308

Ty didn’t even catch the frisbee he was just carrying it

Sophie Brown

I feel sooo sorry for her 😭😭😭😭😭

Jenny Parmiter

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Andddd who are you if you are single?

Ñico Ñico DËËP

My longest period was for 9 days

Hannah Noel

He asked like one time she said no and he said okay I mean like?

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Alexandrei Van Villanueva

Imagine if the nickel flip wasn't recorded 😂😂😂😂

arnoldo herrera

I want to join the Tijuana piranha

abdul jakul

o man how can hedo that is it camera tricks??

Samuel Myers


it takes a big person to admit that

Jayant Bhadauria

Yes 3 in a row

Omg thanks for the likes

William Turner

Real life Gambit

Lance Blais

I miss the OG Rainbow Six


There was no food or language or imitation that was Australian there.


Yare Yare Daze

She's a fucking tsundere I swear

Scientific psycho


Lana and Joseph Levanduski


Gwapo Kaayo ko

I want a home like that

Kirtijyoti Senapati

Hope I get success someday

Eric Training and photography

Imagine being a starving kid in Africa and seeing that French toasted part😥

Iconic Sapphire

clicks video

Queen Leah Baby

Stop flexing

Wyatt Sgro

2018 anyone☄️

Kiera Johnson

YouTube knows you haven’t seen the for you video even though I have


If she don’t remember anything how does she remember THIS ?


I honestly been subscribed for a few years and I can't seem to feel disappointed in any video I just want to say thanks for the great vids


Am I the only one that sees Breath of the Wild inspirations here?

Chester Travers

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I kinda just fucking suck, I have medium legs, short legged people fucking Mach 10, long leg people Mach 7-9, and Medium legged people fucking 2-3 mph Fuck め


Can you please do a review on the best on the budget primers as well? Those glosses are gorge btw!!😍