Dr James White vs Adnan Rashid | Trinity Debate | Muslim vs Christian

Speakers Corner Adnan Rashid Debates Dr James White Christian Apologetic, Director Of Alpha and Omega Ministries, On The Doctrine of the Trinity: Whether It Was Divinely Stipulated Or Man Made.Special Thanks To Jay Smith & Pfander Ministries All This Wouldn't Be Possible If It Wasn't For The Grace & Generosity Of Kensington Temple: (Dr James White (and Adnan Rashid (TITANS TV, Kalam ELSUBSCRIBE TO TITANS TVSCHEDULEWednesday @ 6 pm EST / 11 pm GMT - Talk With The Titans (Conscious Lectures & Interviews)Friday @ 6 pm EST / 11 pm GMT - Trending Topics (Secular Discussions)Daily: Speakers Corner Debates & Breaking NewsTALK WITH THE TITANS (Playlist): CORNER (Playlist): HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY (playlist): YOUR FREE SPEAKERS CORNER DVD BY Sic The Black Falcon: CONNECT WITH US:Sponsorship & Advertising Inquiries: Production: kalam@live.co.ukUpload your video to our YouTube Channel: kalam@live.co.ukSOCIALSFacebook Group: Page: Personal:

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