Delhi, Gurgaon & Interruptive Audience | Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy

Upcoming show tickets on For Live shows Call Ajay Mishra at +91-8433-62-72-74Or email at It is always fun to perform in Delhi and Gurgaon because the audience is the best. Much fun was had while performing this, if you like it please share too :)This bit was recorded on the 5th of January 2018, my first show of the year :)Follow Sundeep Sharma on:Facebook:Edited by Bhavin SanghviD.O.P and direction: Akshit Arora Live sound: VishalSound mastering: Raghavendra BhattacharyaPost production: After Studios Special Thanks: Amit Singh (Twenty Seventh Films), Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal Location: Canvas Laugh Club Cyber Hub Gurgaon#standupcomedian #comedy #comedian

Kelsie Harvey

When they sung to him I lost it! He is so cute!!!

International fan where are u?😍😍😎😎

Dalila Rocha


Travis Boyce

Treilike. Yoy

Felix Lool

Tyler:"She's a flyer!" LITERALLY 10 seconds later: 2:23

Hayden Gordon

golf trick shots

illuminati confirmed

The Banana Melon

It means

Grace Mcandrew

So sorry to hear of the news, stay strong Jeffree 💙 we all adore you and are here to support you xxx

FaZe Yeti20

The life saver shot would have been better if u would have shot the arrow right in the middle

watermelon jimmy

Glad this channel is still here. I may not watch every time because I get tired of it tbh. But I love this channel. Have a great day guru!

Raging_Bolt_HP 420360

you are the best YouTube easter gamer in the whole world I'm proud of you dude

Yesenia Lopez

OMIGOSH tye was reading the goblet of fire! (I think he’s gryffindor)

Ashish Lakhani

Cool 😎


I'm comparing my hair with the pink haired cartoon girl😂


You mean up until World at War

Shilpa Kashyap

I wish they used trident gum

Square Enix: What ?

Christina Holland

Hello from the other side

Hope King

Haha it's a ma zing


Just Lavin

One of the most hated football clubs😂