Cringing with Anthony Fantano | 1791

Far too many are willing to allow hubristic entertainers & celebrities get away with thoughtless political smears, even when they refuse to face up. Emotionally incontinent YouTubers are no exception. To clarify some confusion and respond to some criticism, it was clearly a heated exchange from the outset, but to respond with an emotional outburst in the way he did isn't justifiable. Nor is refusing to talk it out with the person you're insulting. We extended an olive branch in another tweet with an offer to discussion, which didn't have to take place on his channel if it was a grab toward 'clout chasing." If anything, he could have politely declined, but his anger fueled decision to double down on his outburst just added to his antics. Really cowardly and childish look to say the least. —Instagram: 1791: transcript:(If not there, it's an unreleased track):

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Me, 2019


Why didn’t Cory just buy a new one or rent one

Ben Geyer

Hey have ever heard of Percy Jackson it’s a real page turner

Brandon Williams

Get Zion on here

Aidan Eshaghian

1.5 million to go


I thought it said "abusive parents"

Gaming with Ritz


Andrés Melt

Why remastering a card game?

Teagan Griffith

A LOT more Easter eggs are in the stanly parable.

Keagan Ash

They should do a mamchest united video


That strange teacher that people call a weirdo kissed youLike to undo.

- Consoles exclusive, a problem to all PC gamer. :D

Joel Tan

king of random try building A jet-engine

park jimin Nightcore

your going to hate me but i have respect for him

Hidetoshi Firman


I Post Random Stuff

Minute videos (comment 💚)


It is /:

Hi Fwend!!!

Good video!!! Keep it up!!

Azei Rou

:( i hoped for more games.

Asian 100

Strange & Misguided

Uuuuuuh this ain't it chief

Racoon Woofer

What the chuck ( sorry my add was wonder park they say what the chuck

martha ebersohn


Luke Nash

Kicking edition Pt.2 ????

Sean the apple bon

That is the biggest Bass Pro/Store that I have ever seen

Papas Supreme

5:34 my man turned into Keanu Reeves


I'm going with faith being on the map of state in her game


Uranus Williams tbh

Alan Wilkins

why do you have a pistol?


why did the start of it sound like black ops 3 loading screen

Jackie Bankus

Make a shot from mount Rushmore that would be sick

StrainPlayz playz manya

When the guy threw the spoon it was up side down if u saw


The easter egg in Jedi Starfighter that is literally a nest of easter eggs

Life with Lourdes

The cops be her backup plan lmao

lil Bryan


Failout 4

When jaws one came in you can find a cage underwater with a skeleton in it

Samira Bois élève

Did anybody else cry?! Omg I’m so sad and happy at the same time..

Misha Quinn

PERSONAL PREFERENCE. I- Me: ye boo Like if you have been to that one Stranger: your lucky some people even lost there lives and love one because of cancer and your Complaining about your hair!!!!????!!!!!


90% are these aren't really easter eggs