Chomsky BRILLIANTLY Dissects Trump, Democrats & RussiaGate

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basically panda

John cena

The Little KITTY_catgorge

Where panda dad!

RDG Riptide

Baseball buster!




Quake 1, those were the days... :)

Mohamed Saleeban Abdirahman

I know you name Josephe allen❤️

There's a lot of problems that created, like some Christians being too harsh and forcing their religion on people, or people getting the wrong idea because there are questions we can't answer.


Im also very close to my grandparents and my mom is single. We are not many in the family and im the only son. I know that my grandparents and my mom will soon be gone in this world thats why I love them so much! But when that time comes I will be so sad and I might not enjoy my everyday life...

You gotta boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya (muaw!) Games with

Mr. Logic

African propaganda. Most girls who don't go to school are usually teen moms. Which is bad, but at Africa nobody care where the money comes from. Were starving. Do you think we have time for this?

Daniel Carnagie


Something Creative

Dp ive been subbed for 3 years now and you have been making me do trickshots but they all fail

Storm XX

Who is watching 2016

Yarin Ivgi


Chodziłem do liceum, gdzie byli sami chłopcy i na szczęście spotkałem tam osoby, które czuły to, co ja. Zbliżyło mnie to jeszcze bardziej do tego, kim chciałem być. Chciałem, żeby moje ciało było jak najbardziej podobne do kobiecego więc zacząłem brać hormony. Dodatkowo w sekrecie kupowałem ubrania dla dziewczyn. Byłem bardzo szczęśliwy. Ale, tak szybko, jak przyszło, moje szczęście zostało mi odebrane kiedy moja mama znalazła moje hormony i dziewczęce ubrania. Była wściekła. Nie mogła zrozumieć. Nie mogła zrozumieć, czemu nie mogę być dla niej dobrym synem. Pytała mnie bez przerwy: „Dlaczego taki jesteś?" „Dlaczego bierzesz te tabletki?" „Czemu nie jesteś jak inni chłopcy?"

Arda Unal

how don't you have 4 stars for being on the runway??? Hmmm thats strange

Coltafanan Studios

Look at the Halo Instagram comments, all the little kids who've never played the originals are "disappointed" at the "cartoony graphics." Disappointed? Disappointed that your fortnite will be dethroned? Lol

killer craft920

2019 anyone

jelo villasenor

Next episode is 115 so make a CoD zombies video probably

Jack Tomchick

do a thanksgiving stereotypes pls i love you garriet

Owesh Ali

How to make this type of aeroplane

Daimonds And hearts

Hit or miss

Frozen Fireball

Waiters are my enemies.

Simran Randhawa

I feel so bad for Alice.

Borna Stjepić

Why don't you shoot guns backwards?

Rana Family

hit on me Love,

Sweaty Palms

This episode was quite lit

Christine Constanta



last easter eggs gave me chils good job guru !\

Nicholas Harris

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Press F to pay respects


her: im the only healthy person in my family

LexicoolBoi !

I wished I was too skinny compared to the way I am now tbh


Now this one I can relate to lol! 2:37