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Por, David Ala Aggayu Oba Nikoso LayeOriaté. ..

Snowing Scarve

If i would be you i would totally picked being Bullied Not being a Bully! Its just my opinion Btw Marry Is A Strong girl she could make it out For 1 Year being Bully and you OH HELL NAH! you Bullied Her!! But.. atleast marry didn't suicide if marry suicide I AM GONNA REPORT YOU TO THE POLICE!

Bhat Eymaan

I'm proud of your decision

Alien Boyyo

I can’t believe there are people like this man who do this kind of stuff.

Ella Hill


Ric Tordillo

Bran Stark called, he wants his story line back.

Husky Bones

Never have I been excited to see Ela

Iddo Alif

secret annotation at 3:33 thank me later bois


i think the chainsaw easter egg is the funniest thing in outlast!

Ayleks.724 Fr

Editors: how much do you want to confuse the viewers Disney: yes


0:28 Hey, im from Poland! 😀

Cwilly Cwilly

My name is Cwilly Cwilly and I will be telling my story of deppersion.I heard a fight one day and I was mentioned in it.....

Luis Oyola


I’m still struggling to understand myself, And why some things are so hard for me.

Dipali Dhomble

Please make a video on a race including all sports and also nerf, ping pong ,dirt bike, rc, paint ball.

Amanda Harty

How do you guys do this stuff?!?

very impressive, as always !

LandonGR- Gamer

apex legend


Bad music, had to mute

Lauren Jordy

bro I am not crying

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Do the worlds highest building shot in the Phillippines!!!!!!!!!! pls

Tyler Schrupp



Another bit of possible evidence to support this theory is Mew itself. Several of its pokedex entries state that it is the common ancestor of all pokemon, and carries the DNA of all pokemon within it own DNA. On top of that in "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" (which going off of the fact writers statement about DP's canonicity would have taken place in the same universe as DP) we see Mew transforming freely between different forms even when the pokemon it's changing into is nowhere to be seen the biggest example of that being that it transformed into Ho-oh.

Princess EatJIN

How'd he go from tan to white

Nathan Beatty

Arizona Diamondbacks

Mind Blowing military knife.... I saw what you did there....

Cant miss your stuff man,love it~

GamingStaRz Chaîne

Please Next Best Easter Eggs Series - South Park The Stick of Truth or Top 10 Easter Eggs Fun of South Park The Stick of Truth

Run Lopez

Bald headed pussy!