Book Review of Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer

This book provides the foundational theory of "idea propagation" for religious systems.Applying evolutionary principles to religious concepts, Boyer explains how novelty and familiarity combine to make religious ideas stick in the minds of people such that they can persist from one generation to the next across the span of history.


8:14 GURU!!! You need to stop. The editor part of my mind goes crazy every time I watch your videos.


well shit..there are people dying right now but your situation seems........more serious.

I play Hockey 33

Technically Cory did go to Wisconsin for a reason for WHEEL UNFORTUNATE and for the views 👨‍💻

dDd cCc

Who can tell the twins apart???Just asking because I can

Blackoutt 300

Is that why Outback has been closing their restaurants, cuz they are so good? Lol

Kimberly King

17 bounces

Kathleen Kannair

PHILIPPINESSSSSSS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Classmates: oh I dont see anyone getting beat nooo nope I dont


souncloud music at its best


* inhales * BOY


Who found this song on their own 👨🏿‍🔬

brickfighter 13

how is gta 4s Easter egg creepy

MarkPage ♫ Music

5:03 it's. not. a. choice.

Ravi Mutum

ME: cant wait to play AMARA

Morgan Richards


Rosa Sanchez

Lucky I have to buy weed

You funna Run up

How come she didn't make a go fund me page?

Man With a Helmet

Any destiny 2 players? 7th COLUMN!!!!


If he talked in these videos it would ruin the whole vibe. Its just so perfect!

Esteban Aguilar

Family Guy? Really? What a joke.

Pink Potato

dayum ending

Taylor Lewis

That's a Harry Potter Easter egg

Jennifer Huela

My mom is really supportive of everything I do and feel, my dad is......

RY4RT __2

WTE FUCK is somnkey

nightgale 2075

2016 and I still can't figure out where cob and garret were in the vid

The Ghost Gaming

I went to the village for the p.t chandelier,s Easter egg but the ladder was broken PLEASE HEEELP !!!

jamie gore

i live in wv

Destiny Maire

Done!!!🥺💗🖤 I love you guys

Max Smith

hey the panda was raping the NFL thing

Will Bauder

Ur an illegal immigrant


my dog is my grandfather's son is my cousin's son

vip330 Music

failed pound it noggin at the end.  lol

Joshua Aguilar

I just think it's weird they didn't put gravity falls as a license plate even though it takes place in oregon

Euan Mort

Truly beautiful poetry, and from this, I fear death lesser now. I always knew there was a balance, and this story is the best portrayal of it.

Jordan Brown

Cory feel bad but it is funny you were on wheel unfortunate NED FORESTER THE GOLDEN BOY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

dh gaming

im supposed to go on a plane 4 times this summer to china!!

3:52 He truly is a model

The Last Rebel

Pizza rolls... Dear god...

Fahrul Ahyan

This approach Syamalan's level of confusing.

Edwin Barrios

Like si crees q es una gran musi


Love you man

edbert salim

Play pubg

Alison Swify2

1:18 - 1:24 gonna be the next let it go moment?


That was me shooting the ball.

The Angry

Probably the only shield I'll ever use in the game now.

Achel Deng

Who likey

Larry Winsat

I'll download it later but is it free?

because I have BPD lol am impulsive and have black and white thinking. lol

Oh Hai There