BBC 2 Debate - Has Human Rights achieved more than Religion? The Big Questions

BBC Debate: Has Human Rights Law achieved more for Humanity than Religion [The Big Questions]10th May 2015Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty)Peter Tatchell (LGBT and Human Rights campaigner)Tim CrossAndrew Copson (Director of British Humanists Association)Lynda RoseJackie TabickLez HenryAdam WagnerMichael MumisaMaryam Namazie (Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain)Abdullah al-Andalusi (Muslim Debate Initiative)


The whole game was an Easter Egg. It was beautiful.

David Daniels

This Biker comparison is hard to follow being that we don't have anything like that in America.

Jim Karagiannis

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Brown Egg

4:46, Princess & the Frog and also Rio...? Ok, you damn well already know it's me and for a second I thought that was me who broke into your home because I do that every year with a friend or 2 on standby just for the fun of it, but don't mind me.

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The little Explorer Channel Nouran Mahmoud Ezzat

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P Parrott

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rodriguez1t 2

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I'm crying from how much I laughed at the end. Son of a bitch, guru.

shamae corpuz

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Rebecca Harwood

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Yusef Joe

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Will Jones

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Bailee Jane

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Miriam Davison

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Chicken Wang Wang

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Me, Myself and I

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anton van Beek

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Maja Ilijevska

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~Kierra C.T. Banks


My older sister was born 4 months early as well. She was due for October, but she was born in July. My mother consumed Bisphenol A (BPA) from the lining of a can. My sister was so tiny (I know from pictures), smaller than a Hershey bar. Luckily she is healthy and fine, other than a thyroid issue, Hashimoto's. I just hope she'll live a normal life; she's only 16 right now but I hope she lives for a long time.


1:30, seems legit



Jonathan Price


João Pedro Ferreira Santana

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Really. Where is the thing saying in the desc no cars were harmed in the making of this video

Pug Nation0406

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Mexican Parisite

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