Archie Bunker and the Doctor

Archie gets prepared for his surgery by his doctor. Hilarious scene!


The pic of the Moon could be reference of wheatly going to space at ending and could be portal 3 reference

Me : I can aim perfectly. I can do craziest stuff. I'm weird af.

knuckles memes do you know dae wae

Who watching this on Halloween 2018

Adriana Devine

This is why I buy merch

Rock Lee

Yoda: Not meant for war our jedi

Mimi K

Her mother told her all that because her dad told her not to tell the address. Then she turns into a hypocritical monster.

Łeø Køhamì

“smoking is sooo cool”

Kiana Hosseini

isnt lye water toxic?

My childhood dream is to be the first female prime minister.

Cierha Rasasanen

If she won’t let him go then why couldn’t he break up with her earlier

Tinkersaurus Rex


naser 77 Naser

Is ramen like noodles or are they different?🤔

Purple Serpent

The first one that's coach from left for dead

Tony the Tiger

@FunWithGuru you should do walkthrough's and gameplay's considering how good you are at finding these easter eggs

And love is not a choice


is hitman blood money on pc the same as on ps2?

Very high blood sugar that is, a blood sugar level of 600 mg/dL (33.3 mmolL) or higher can cause coma and even death.

Marcos Santana

I like with video with my toe, and my phone is across the street from me.


or you could just throw it in the front door.

thats funny

Diego Guzzi

Soy el primer latino que comenta en un vídeo de james

oliver davis

is it just me or does only my left ear have sound?

Ryota Masuda

At part where the dog sits it proves how much animals love you

I love you jungkook 😍

Evernie Jayme Jr.

I saw them in an ads a few minutes ago , damn I LOVE IT 👌❤️


I have played the entire Sam and max series and I don't recall max ever wearing western style clothing

anton stawrowski

"what is the loneliest number"


People like you are one in a million.


causewhy not

Yeesh Jenna's a jerk

Innocent killer

what fuel did u guys used in the rockets???

Window Evilness

Kanjam is my fav

Noaman Cheklaoui

i respect the effort of copying the emotions of the caracthers so im with DUBS but i got to say that SUBS are just perfect because the anime is originally japanese so theres somme jokes or acts thats DUBS just cant performe correctly .

Jared browne

I want a golden hamburger!


Nah y’all dummies all thought he would comeback lying ass. He gonna get fucked if he plays smh and it’s gonna be sad

pilot 0674

This is why you don't fly American airlines or Aeroflot. They crash too much. Fly Iraqi Airways. They almost never crash, and haven't had a single death or incident in over 40 years!

Andreas flip

play soccer

Harry Potter

gig 'em Aggies

jUnGkOoK hYuNg

There's no such thing as ugly until you know the person's personality because everyone's different and everyone looks different, of you call someone ugly, that's shows your personality and that personality of judging people by their appearance makes YOU ugly. So if you call someone ugly, apologize and stahp it, get some help

Thanh Buit

Dude I watch the bottle flip too but this video is the best

Noah Martinez

I love Olaf when he opens his mouth and screams it’s just soooo cute can’t wait to see it


she’s stupid

Elizabeth Nesinov

And here I am, single as a pringle.

TBM Avenger

Halo eggs?

1. I accidentally spilled liquid all over him. You guy's are amazing

AcTuAlLy no wait wrong channel

Garebear 247

where is this place at


Big F for Jackie