Apocalypse Orchestra - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Official Music Video)

MEDIEVAL/ROCK/METALThe first single The Garden of Earthly Delights from Apocalypse Orchestra's album, The End Is Nigh.100% Independent.Support us, buy our music directly:from Apocalypse Orchestra:directed, filmed and edited by Magnus EwaldApocalypse Orchestra would like to thank:Our friends at Despotz RecordsMia Ulin at Vasaborgen Uppsala slott/Uppsala Castle, for letting us borrow this wonderful historical place.Circle Linde, the actor performing in the video.Nymla, the artist who have created several of the masks seen in the video. for letting us borrow one of the masks.Petra at Cotton & Steel i Gävle for lending us props.for being on set, being a driver, and prop holder.Stephansdotter Photography (writer) for all the wonderful photos taken on set. folk!Lyrics:The Garden of Earthly DelightsBorn from the void and still pristineTranquil, vast and coldSee the orb of blue and greenWhen he spake the light shone goldBrought to life, in the image of godIn this holy placeSettled among the creatures oddEve, dear girl, avert thy gaze Claims to love them all; his world below Minding not their fall; a mirthful showMerriments in the centerpieceWeird things in galoreIs this the cradle of the diseasethat man alone must answer for?Joy and delight, forever ceasedSuffering’s abloomEaten alive by the cauldron beastLet the drones ring to the sound of doom℗ & © 2017 Despotz Records


That little zombie took an ax to the face like a boss

subhankar chatterjee

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Next thing you know his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not.

Réka Kovács

I was expecting skyrim too, as I heard that first it was supposed to be a GoT game but then telltale made one already

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3:12 How dumb can you be as a TEACHER to believe that excuse. Most teachers I have meet in my life are ignorant of bullying or just say they care so they don’t look bad. The teacher can tell when you use your phone in class or break the smaller rules but can’t see or hear students abusing their peers. There has to be some accountability for these teachers when they ignoring bullying even when told by a student, staff, or even the victim themselves. Share the hashtag #TeachersWakeUp

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I hope there were no bloopers in the Memphis Pyramid Shot

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Lord Netto


If anyone is going through the same thing then please tell yourself "are you happy?" "is this healthy?" "do you trust him/her?" talk to someone.

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So much Xbox love in this video.


You are not alone at all. My mother also has mental health issues. She was extremely religious, said some weird things, and had delusional thinking. She had a disconnect from reality. When I was 8, I called 911 without any reason. My mom was furious and decided to take me to the police station. While I learned from it, I grew afraid of the police. Then my mom left me when I was 10 because she had to leave. It wasn’t because she wanted to leave. She had to seek help for her issues. That’s when my mom and dad were separated. Then she would visit me on the weekends. However, my dad was concerned about my anxiety from seeing my mother. He was worried that anything mom said would make me anxious. Then my parents got divorced when I was 13. I now live with a loving, intelligent dad who cares about my family. Ever since my parents got divorced, I would always think about my mom almost every day. I love her despite her mental illness.

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3:46 the time we all came to watch this video for.

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You had me crying what a great story I hope one day you will conceive a little girl and Hope he or she is healthy

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didn’t olaf melt? i watched the movie years ago so i don’t remembered well

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I love when I go for a regular check up and my doctor states I have 6 months to live 🙃



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Not human Alien

This helped me so much. Everything in this video is true. I wrote a letter to them and it turns out my mum had the same things. At first she was sad because she didn't want me to be like her and be depressed but soon she got me to speak to someone and now I am fine