1942-RP Movie "The Story of Clous Von Stuffenberg"

Ok so I had Over 4hours of fotage so yeah IK its long KYS Johnny test Steam Group:the end for a badass montage and PLease "Try" to watch the whole thing, THere areup and down momments of cancer but I will Promise you that it is all funny ass hell :P

brooklyn todd

I have PDD-nos and it is a form of autism where your brain developed differently and not as much as everyone else I am 14 almost 15 and i go through so much shit and it is mentally tiring when u have autism sensory processing disorder and sevear high functioning anxiety and about to go into high school I know how it feels

Lindi Coetzee

poor panda

also, think about using your voice for various other video formats (keep doing a shitload of easter egg vids tho :p) luv from germany <3

Axelle Bédard-Gagné


Sanjuana Barbalich

superb tape

Osyel Garcia

Well at least cory kinda won for once

Brandon Gamer


Remi Lalaque

The dream part is teally true

I'm screaming.

đẹp trai nguyên

ĐỖ KIM PHÚC không co tuổi

Hao Quach

Đay ai la ngươi viêt nam đâu

An Ordinary Person

this is why fortnite is bad for you

Cillian Leigh

Omg I'm dying!!! 🤣😂

Jason White

You sound like juiceworld fam but I fuqs wit this song.


Мне кажется они пиздаболы

AJ Davey

1:12 he broke the door lol

ClashofClans 1

Can u give me a shoutout for Jaxen Breitbarth.

Nebula Goals

Who’s watching in the year 2041?

Bilqis A

WATSthe song


Georgia T

01:45 😱😱R.I.P panda

Nick Lopez

how did your characters like that in left 4 dead 2

Clxver Atomic

I’m pissed because the music is the original minecraft trailer music and it’s fucking nostalgic

Ashley Carter

I love that the rage monster is in every one.KEPP IT LIKE THAT!

This video is mostly just about punishing them for no reason and comparing them to other people, which in that case, you just have shitty parents.


I think the kitty’s name is either Tux or, Oreo

Brenna cribbs

Collab with DBWI you cowards

LFC Rules

My parents were always super loving, and always present in my life, but I'm TOTALLY the avoidant 😂

i like kim jung un,


Even though most guys would like to get touched by a girl like that i don't like it ik that im young but even if im older getting touched there is not alright for me most guys would say "man i wish(insert girl name) would have s** with me" thats not me i like to get to know someone before that happens.

Leandra Pozo

República Dominicana presente TE AMO OZUNA

James Leach

Why is this garbage in my suggestion feed?

Erick Villanueva

Tyler is my favorite oneLie if you agreed and comment who is your favorite one

Christian S.


Jann Andrei De Guzman

And even tho the couch leg is broken lol

Loke Bradling


Aravinth Ponnusamy

really ..shocking to see so much fake positive comments. This was poor

wade chaperon


Paul Zatorski

2:46 look in the left corner, is that anyone you know?


why did u show this .. why?

Atley Rawlins

Disney would make a great farmer because there very good at milking

Costa Carreira

Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeesssss!!!!!!! Ty won

Sirad Music

DudeHe IS perfect

Shadow Zane

my friend scared the living day light out of me on the jump scare

Just another Youtube commenter

Loved that grenade throw

Wacko Trio

What I find interesting is that in the sumo video, there was no sumo fight!

Shannah Coleman

What the heck that is so cute. Asher is the best choice Annie.